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Harsh words from Ex Star

What I think of Matt Barnabys opinion after the game last night.

I respect the professional opinion of most people in the hockey world. Being a fan of the Stars you have to agree with what some of them say especially when its negative towards your team. That being said I have lost total 100% respect for Matthew Barnaby after tonight's comments following the Dallas game.

Barnaby went on to say the stars are not that good of a team, that at the first of the season they were not playing as they should of been that this slump is more realistic. He continued to say they are not a dangerous team. That's not it though, he said since they won tonight, its going to be a lot harder to trade Brad Richards!! Are you kidding me? He bad mouthed the team the whole time and never said one positive thing about the fact that while missing their top scorer they found a way to beat one of the best teams in the league who they have a 3-1-0 record against this year. I wonder what he said last year when the Blackhawks lost 9 in a row and went on to bring the cup home.

They have won ONE GAME without Richards and he thinks that is going to tell all the other teams in the NHL that Dallas does not need Richards and that he is not a hot commodity because they won without him. It is pretty clear to almost any person who follows hockey that this team is where its at because of Richards. Don't get me wrong I believe in this team and every player has played as a team for the most part this season. I think if you look at Brendan Morrow and how he plays every night, producing and battling the way he does shows you the mentality of the team as a whole.

If Barnaby said those comments and included maybe one positive thing, oh I dunno maybe to give the fans a single hope, maybe help keep them interested in the rest of the season and interested in the game that has given him everything he has would of been at the least professional!! Yes I know he gets paid to give his opinion and has been in the NHL so his opinion should matter and blah blah blah. But how dare he say all those negative comments after Dallas beat Detroit without throwing one positive in there for the fans.

Here is my unpaid opinion of his follow up on the Stars and Wings game last night. Matthew: You did a great job at the first of the season but I think you are where you deserve to be at performance wise at this stage of the season. Talking so fast its like you drank 8 red bulls and a 5 hour energy shot within an hour and trying to piece together your sentences so they make sense. Why are you always mad and doing that fake laugh? I think ESPN and TSN just lost their chances of trading you to the national cricket association after last nights horrible analysis of the Stars and Red Wings game. Too bad, i heard they were getting a good prospect analyst in return. P.S I would consider a new barber, appearance means a lot when your on TV all day.

Sincerely, the fan who has only ever had a chance to play pond hockey but loves the game more than anything and is a very tiny tiny fraction of why you had a job.

PS- opinions are great but don't throw a whole team under the bus just because the lights are shining on you for a few minutes. Say the truth about how you feel but keep the fans in mind to. I could see if they lost the game and things still did not look up but they just beat one of the best in the West. If you say the Stars are not very dangerous then that must mean that the other 10 teams in the west that are within 6 points may as well call it a season to.


1 comment:

  1. First off, Barnabay's comments about Stars should have been a little more careful, since professionally and both publically, your words matter for the public and a public figure. Secondly, you are currently making the same mistake regarding the position of the team by giving the major credit to the Brad Richards, this is the same concept you are criticizing Barnabay for. Talking about barber however, you make an interesting point, neither finding a good barber nor finding a good Cable TV Deal is an easy task to accomplish.